Fees: Invoices are payable on receipt, or with order, as is the usual practice for services, and are subject to V.A.T., at the rate in force at the time of invoicing, in all E.U. countries (except for those who are registered for VAT purposes in their own country). Outside the E.U., VAT does not apply.

For large documents or assignments (over € 550,00), payment of 35% on account with order will be required, the remainder being paid on receipt of invoice (s) or eventually at the end of assignment (for interpreting). For books to be published, a separate contract may be drawn up with publisher or author covering staggered payments, copyright, deadlines, etc.
Should a price not be clearly stipulated on the order form, and in the case of dispute, the price is considered to be that of the price list current on the day of the order.
In case of non-payment after third reminder, the translator reserves the right to apply a 10% surcharge for costs of remitting file to a debt collector, should that be necessary.

Use of any translation before payment in full is in contravention of international laws on copyright.