Getting the best return on your investment
Is your source document pertinent for the country in question ? If you want to project an international image, brief your translator fully ! A good translator can, if required, and for a fee, even help you draft a suitable document.
Check, reduce, or design an entirely new document before getting it translated.
Only send the text to be translated. Do the formatting yourself.
Make sure the translation process is included early on in your project, if not from the start. An urgent translation will cost you more.
For more tips, take a look at this very useful guide [pdf file – Translation – getting it right].


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Source language: - FRENCH
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N.B. The number of words is calculated from the source language.

Indications: Field, type of document and final destination or what you want it to achieve, number of words, medium required, time-frame desired, any special instructions.


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